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“Arujayur” is a Sanskrit word which means (Aruj: Disease free, Ayur: Life),“Disease free life”. ArujAyur is dedicated to create awareness about this age old science of medicine, yoga and other traditional systems of wellbeing. The objective is to take you on a journey of holistic wellness through guidance on diet and nutrition, effective usage of herbs & spices for various ailments, ayurvedic & Vedic home remedies, and various breathwork  techniques. 

When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use; When diet is correct, medicine is of no need!



Ayurveda places great emphasis on prevention of illness, and recommends maintaining health through following daily and seasonal regimens which create balance.





I am Dr. Dharna ( Bachelor in Ayurvedic medicine and Surgery : BAMS), an experienced Ayurvedic consultant by profession and an Ayurvedic enthusiast by heart.


After working across multiple Ayurvedic setups as a senior consultant & Medical Officer for over 14 years, I realized that my patients and clients are more confident pursuing Ayurvedic treatments once they have understood the basics of Ayurveda, which I include in my consultations.


This led to an initiative that could provide information and knowledge about Ayurveda through my blog and also provide Ayurvedic health services through my online platform “ ArujAyur”. In my blog section you’ll find information about various Ayurvedic topics, which I say is the nectar from years of expertise.


I welcome you to join me in this journey of health & wellness!

Dr Dharna


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Tejpreet Kaur

Dr Dharna has always been very patient and understanding towards my needs. Recently when I began my weightlifting journey and started taking protein supplements, my body was not reacting well to the whey. Dr Dharna helped me solve this problem also accommodating my sensitivities to taking medicines.
I really appreciate that Dr Dharna kept checking up on me and ensured that I was fully recovered.


I’ve been recommending Dr Dharna to many of my friends/family and would definitely do so in future.


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